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Revolutionizing IT Solutions through AI-Driven Innovations

Our Mission

At NewRetail-AI Inc., our mission is to empower the retail industry with cutting-edge AI-driven solutions that seamlessly integrate the digital and physical realms, transforming the shopping experience for consumers and enabling retailers to thrive in the era of "New Retail.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of AI-powered technologies in the retail industry, driving digital transformation and revolutionizing how consumers engage with brands. Through innovation, collaboration, and a relentless focus on enhancing user experiences, we aim to shape the future of retail, making it more efficient, personalized, and connected than ever before.

Retail Checkout Counter
All Hands In

Our Story

HAPI Metaverse Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise app solutions, with a strong focus on improving client and team building, and operational task management. Through our subsidiary Value Exchange International Inc., we have expanded our reach to the fast-growing retail industry. With the formation of NewRetail-Ai Inc., we aim to bring technology that empowers the retail industry both in their online and offline world, entering the new era of “New Retail”

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