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Retail Solution

NewRetail-Ai Membership Platform

Customer Engagement through Online and Offline
Customer / Membership Reach

NewRetail-Ai Membership Platform (NMP)
is a versatile platform that caters to B2B2C and subscription-based business models.


It is equipped with a host of features that can help businesses build customer loyalty, including a loyalty program, company channels, and share link features.


With NMP, businesses can also gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends, which can help them make more informed decisions.

At the Cash Register
Engagement in Digital Media
News and Experience Sharing

NewRetail-Ai Membership Platform

allows businesses to easily deliver company news and promotions to consumers without competing with other brands through the SNS algorithm.


It also supports push notifications, ensuring that every member receives the news. By using this feature, businesses can enhance their communication with their customers and build a stronger relationships with them.

News and Experience Sharing.png
Harness the power of your loyal customers' influence.

Your members can now effortlessly share your content with their network.


They can share it with the public or to their own contacts. When sharing to their own contacts, they can share it via sms or any other messaging application of their choice.

Measuting Effectivess.png

Members can get insights into their networks and the content they shared.


Some of the metrics are unique views, total views, total link clicks, click-through rate, time spent on each webpage, viewers' location, referrer and device charts.


More metrics, in the form of graphs and charts will be added in the future.

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Transform loyalty into an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

With NewRetail-Ai Membership platform, we encourage genuine sharing. The more likes, share and comments you get for each post, the more points you will earn. You can redeem the points as discounts for the products you buy.


Once you have reached a certain amount of points, you can use the points to unlock more membership benefits as a customer.

Redeem Coupons
From Loyalty Points to Coupons

Having a significant impact on purchasing decisions, our system enables users to transform their loyalty points into digital coupons. Brand owners can effortlessly establish redeem and usage guidelines within the VEII admin back office.

Membership Cross branding.png
Redeem Coupons
Multi-Brand Membership System

We provide the platform support cross-branding membership system. Retail customers can earn and redeem the loyalty point in different brand’s retail stores, Smart Vending Machine (SVM), and e-commerce shops in one place.

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