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Workforce Solution

NewRetail-Ai Workforce Empowerment (NWE)

Retail Workforce Empowerment
(Sales, Marketing, Operations)

NewRetail-Ai Workforce Empowerment (NWE)
is a subscription-based solution designed for the B2B market, with a focus on businesses operating on a store-based model.

It comes equipped with various features such as Store-based Channels, Task Management, Planogram Management, and Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Management.


NWE caters to the specific needs of these businesses, helping them optimize store operations, cut down costs, and elevate the shopping experience for their valued customers.

Store Manager
Centralized Retail Control
Stay Engaged and Be Connected with Your Employees

With our application, both headquarters and regional administrators gain the ability to centrally manage a vast network of retail shops, spanning hundreds or thousands of locations. By utilizing this centralized platform, they can access real-time data, monitor staff activities, and make well-informed decisions to enhance operational efficiency and staffing throughout the entire retail network.

Employee News.png
Retail Channel
Communication & Announcements

Messaging and Updates: Within the app, administrators have a dedicated communication channel to share crucial announcements, updates, and policies with retail shop staff. This fosters consistent and timely communication across the entire organization. Additionally, staff members can utilize the app to ask questions, seek clarification, and participate in discussions, promoting a collaborative and informed environment.

Retail Job Allocation
Task Management

The application enables administrators to delegate tasks and monitor their advancement. They have the ability to generate task lists, set deadlines, and assign them to particular retail shops or staff members. This functionality ensures that essential tasks are effectively organized and accomplished promptly, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.

Zero Waste Store
Resources Center
Training & Onboarding

The application can incorporate functionalities to deliver training materials and onboarding resources to retail shop staff. Administrators can grant access to training modules, videos, and documents, ensuring uniform training across all locations. This simplifies the onboarding process for new hires and facilitates continuous development for existing staff members.

AI Training Assistant
Training & Onboarding

The Retail Staff Management App's Training AI serves as a virtual assistant and learning platform for staff members, especially those who are new or in the onboarding process. This AI element learns from company-provided resources, such as training materials, policy documents, and operational guidelines.

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